A Very Fitzgerald Friday and an Exciting Future

When you hear the name Fitzgerald what comes to mind? Is it a friends name? Maybe a dog, maybe every morning you call out of your sliding glass door calling for your puppy Fitz to come back inside. But for me? When I hear the name Fitzgerald I get weirdly excited! You know that excitement that I’m talking about! The one in where your stomach is in knots and you fight yourself from squealing out loud! And that excitement that I am feeling ¬†is because of F. Scott Fitzgerald! Don’t worry it’s not this weird crush that I have on him! I just am obsessed with the Great Gatsby! I loved the book so very much!

And when they came out with the movie a few years ago starring Leonardo Dicaprio I knew automatically that I was going fall in love with this story all over again. Of course anyone who has read The Great Gatsby knows that it isn’t necessarily all that pleasant of a story, but the decorum and the grandiose of the settings, and the people, and the parties. I know what you are all thinking… Lou, we aren’t here for some sort of review on the book and movie…and don’t worry, that’s not what I’m giving you!

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I’m bringing up Fitzgerald simply because I have been inspired by the detailed setting in his writing that was then portrayed so elegantly on the screen all those years later. And as I was sitting there thinking, something just clicked. I wanted that sophistication, sleekness, and grandeur to be displayed throughout The Glam Squad and all of the endeavors that we are going to embark on in the next year!

I guess the best way to describe what is happening is with the word “New” don’t worry, The Glammies and our personalities aren’t changing at all! We are still that extremely talented group of stylists who can be goofballs every now and again! And we are still the team that becomes extremely close with their brides (look at Amanda! She got invited to one of her bride’s weddings because they became fast friends! And those are the things that make us… well that make us the Glam Squad.

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But getting back to old Fitzy…. I think it is time to let one of the many cats that we have in our bag out! There have been tons of rumors circulating and a lot of speculation but we can finally say that our studio is moving! Don’t you worry at all though because we aren’t moving too far! Just upstairs and directly on broad street! And the decor for the new studio? Well if you have seen the 2013 version of the movie you would know exactly what we are going for! Whites, blacks, gold! But don’t worry! Our signature pink will still be making an appearance but 2017 is a year of sophistication, of minimalism and most importantly growth.

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Growth throughout the Glam Squad, Growth in the relationships that we from and most important the growth that we find within ourselves!

It has taken EVERYTHING in me not to spill the beans about the new studio! But of course I couldn’t hold it in any longer because we are moving in so very soon and Alexis and I have already been creating sketches and shopping around!


You know how Fitzgerald said “A little party never killed no body,” ? Well one of our motto’s here at The Glam Squad is “A little lipstick never killed nobody¬©,” and I can’t think of anything that fits all of the fun new adventures that we are embarking on! And we can’t wait for you all to take this journey with us!

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