Ryan Jones visits The Glam Squad

Special guest Ryan Jones came to Glam Squad Academy at our very own Glam Squad studio on Monday to teach an amusing and very grasping contouring class to our employee’s and Academy students.


Ryan definitely brought his hilarious personality out when speaking with us about his techniques in mastering contouring.  He started off the night by sharing with us his passion for makeup, why he does what he does, and where he is now.  He mentioned he loves how you can create a new face without any surgery needed, but just by using a brush and creating art.  Ryan now works for “Japanesque Makeup”and promotes all of their products for make up lovers.  He brought a full display of some of his favorite products to use for contouring, highlighting, shimmer, and blending.  He passed around these items to our glammies in the audience and everybody’s face was amazed with how pigmented these products were.

We are OBSESSED with Ryan's shoes!!!

We are OBSESSED with Ryan’s shoes!!!

Some techniques Ryan shared with us about contouring were: to always have good lighting when showing your client their contour, to make sure you have a few specific brushes you like instead of having many mediocre ones, and to find the right colored powders to use on on your client.  He recommended the Anastasia brand makeup for highlighting, contouring, and eye shadow use.

Ryan introduced us to the Anastasia Glow Kits and we are in LOVE.

Ryan introduced us to the Anastasia Glow Kits and we are in LOVE.

What we enjoyed the most from Ryan was how he kept referring to how to contour specifically for bridal events, which is our base.  He enforced using a more natural look for bridesmaids and brides, especially if the wedding is taking place outside.  Lastly, Ryan brought up a model from out of our crowd to use as a demo for a cheekbone contour and highlight.  Our glammies took notes, pictures, and asked questions throughout the entire night and we could tell they left with some amazing, new and fun techniques to take with them and use for their future clients.

Ryan is totally a "Glammie!"

Ryan is totally a “Glammie!”

We enjoyed Ryan very much and all that he had to share with us about the beauty of contouring and are expecting him to join us again for future demo’s and classes for our Glammies. Thank you Ryan!!!

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