If the Glam Girls are there, it’s a party. Last night some of us gathered at our new space to celebrate our very own Thanksgiving. There really are no words to describe what happens when we get together, so I figured showing photos would be the best way. We are the craziest and silliest people you will ever meet. We had awesome food, lots of wine (sparkling apple juice for the prego). We also had THE BEST desserts EVER! You can see below and feel your mouth water.. We talked and talked, danced, and gave the girls a tour of our new space!!! You can’t help but love us!

IMG_7768 IMG_7771 IMG_7767 IMG_7765 IMG_7758 IMG_7753 IMG_7751 IMG_7750 IMG_7747 IMG_7741 IMG_7727 IMG_7725 IMG_7722 IMG_7716 IMG_7723 IMG_7714 IMG_7706 IMG_7705 IMG_7704 IMG_7703 IMG_7702 IMG_7699 IMG_7696 IMG_7695 IMG_7694 IMG_7689 IMG_7687 IMG_7685 IMG_7684 IMG_7683 IMG_7682 IMG_7681 IMG_7679 IMG_7669 IMG_7666 IMG_7663 IMG_7658 IMG_7657 IMG_7656 IMG_7759

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