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A few months back Malory and I had been going over the lesson plans for The Glam Squad Academy. We knew what we wanted to teach the students but we wanted them to be able to leave with having the skill set in place to complete ANY hairstyle that they may be asked to do. Whether that be a waterfall braid, short hair, or if a bride is looking for a retro inspired look for her wedding day. And I can’t tell you how excited I get when a bride asks for me to do something retro. So it only made sense that when that class came along, I would be the one to teach it!


Don’t get me wrong, I love doing hair in general but for some reason this look makes me the happiest. I don’t know if it’s because it just looks timeless or if it just takes me back! Either way I’m obsessed! And ironically enough, the night that we were teaching the class was the night that Hairspray live was airing, so we got to have a little bit of fun with the Tracy Turnblad filter (you might have seen the hilarious videos on facebook). It’s so funny because I used to think that they were using TOO much hairspray but now….. well lets just say that the filter showed the students just how to coat their brides hair for the style that they will be doing!


So class started and like I said, I layered up Mal’s hair with hairspray and went to town! After I started the first few steps I had the students start following along on their mannequins and even had to encourage them to use MORE hairspray! I know, too much in the air is terrible for the environment but it’s ok if you look great right? (don’t worry that was just a joke). By the time the girls were done with the first few steps we were enveloped in a cloud of hazy hairspray and then the teasing commenced. The retro look is one that is pretty simple but a little difficult to achieve, especially at first but the girls did such a great job and by the end…I’m positive they could have created the retro hairstyle of a brides dreams! After having so much fun teaching that class, and seeing the girls have so much fun, it is definitely a lesson that we are going to carry over into the next installment of The Academy’s hair course!


As I was preparing for this blog post I couldn’t help but think not only about all of the brides who have asked for this fun hairstyle, but also how weddings were back in the fifties (no I was not doing hair and makeup then too… although it definitely feels like it) but the customs were so funny and more often than not…absolutely insane. I was doing a little bit of reading and one of the funniest things that I came across while looking into these styles was, “Men marry women of lower intellect, so that is why many women of intelligence do not marry.” I was cracking up when I read this because intelligence is sexy no matter what gender it is! But I think the best quote that I came upon when looking at retro marital advice was this, “girls who will be happy in marriage will enjoy teaching and have a fondness for old people. The are not strong admirers of musicians and poets,” I think that alone shows just how far we have progressed!


Although I love when a bride asks me to do a retro hairstyle for her special day, I’m oh so very glad that these retro customs are no longer still part of society today. And just for a good laugh… Here’s a picture of me looking like a Pink Lady from Grease…little did I know that I would definitely be a Pink Lady in the end 😉


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