Matrimonial Monday: Lauren

Happy second week of 2017!! I Can’t believe that today is only the 8th! It feels like we have already moved through most of January, and that is probably because this past week has been so jam packed which also makes me extremely excited for the new year. We started off with five brides and the momentum didn’t stop there. On Wednesday we had a staff meeting with, Amanda, Malory, Alexis, and Kaitlin where we got to talk about all of the exciting things in store for the upcoming Richmond Bridal Expo! A little bit after our staff meeting we took a break to gather with Caroline, Kara, Nicole, and Heather to talk about a very exciting project that we will be happening very very soon!


However, enough about all of our fun secret projects that we can’t talk about just yet, and on to the main topic of this blog post! As you saw from the title..Matrimonial Monday is back! And I’m so very excited to start this seasons batch of them with Lauren! Monday’s are always a little rough for everyone and that is why we created the Matrimonial Monday posts because lets be honest, who doesn’t get happy reading about the love that two people share! I know that most Monday’s I even take the time to look back at some of the other Mat Monday’s because it is a great way to start my day off in a positive mood! With a little bit of coffee and a good walk down memory lane Monday’s definitely aren’t a foe for me!


So without further ado…. let’s dig into what we are all really here for…the story of the stunning bride herself! When I first met Lauren during her preview appointment I knew right then and there that I absolutely loved her without a doubt and when she told me that the theme of her wedding was The Great Gatsby I got even more excited for her upcoming wedding day! Because some of the fun things that are going on might be a little similar to this theme! So as you can imagine we had a lot to talk about that day!


Lauren and I became quick friends so Dana and Janelle joined me in glamming up Lauren and her bridesmaids and the the energy in the room was invigorating! Everyone was so excited for the ceremony and the reception that would follow when the ball dropped! And in the face of all of this? Lauren was…well for lack of a better phrase, as cool as a cucumber! With all of the wedding parties and brides I’ve worked with…the overwhelming feeling that arises when I drape the white Lou Stevens Glam Squad cape over their shoulders is nervousness. But that wasn’t the case for Lauren as I glossed over her skin with the airbrush machine (which she said was literally the best thing ever)! Instead of being nervous she sat back calmly sipping on mimosas and jamming out to some old school Britney Spears!


I was obsessing over all of Lauren’s details, with her sparkly rose gold Kate Spade keds and her Badgley Mischeka flats it was hard not to! But the thing that I obsessed over the most? I’m sure you can guess it because I’m a sucker for a good love story….so of course it was her engagement story! It wasn’t always going to be as romantic as it ended up being, at first he was planning on proposing to Lauren at a Notre Dame pig roast. Thankfully he wanted to get a little bit of advice before going through with his plan.


The real proposal occurred in the same spot as their very first date, at Libby Hill. He flew in family from Chicago to see the proposal. Lauren even joked that there might be one good picture because most of the ones that the photographer took were of her “ugly” crying from the joy she felt! As I put the finishing touches in place with Lauren’s hair she happily invited me along to the wedding! And if I hadn’t already had my New Years Eve plans set in stone then I definitely would have made my way to the dance floor and participated in the countdown into the new year with the beautiful Lauren!

I couldn’t have ended the year with a better bride, and to technically start 2017 with her as well! 2016 was sent off with a bang…but 2017 is going to be rung in more loudly than any other year has been thus far! Get ready 2017, The Glam Squad is coming for ya!


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