Matrimonial Monday: Madison

Hi lovelies! It feels so amazing to be back to blogging after a few extremely busy weeks off. We have been loving our new studio space and have been in it as much as possible. Last week Amanda, Dana and I traveled up to Woodbridge to make a trip to Ikea. When we tell you we are expanding and have tons of exciting things coming up we definitely mean it, and one of those many things is that for the first time ever, Lou Stevens Glam Squad is going to be offering full  salon services, and we couldn’t be anymore excited!!!

That is the only little teaser we are going to give you all for now, because this blog post is all about one of our gorgeous brides, Madison. 


After 27 years in the wedding industry the glammies and I pride ourselves on never missing a wedding. Whether it’s rain or shine, the Glam Squad and I are always well equipped and ready to work our matrimonial magic. Two weeks ago, we were able to provide our hair and makeup services to a beautiful bride named Madison and her bridal party at the Omni Hotel.

Although the morning started out a bit dreary with overcast weather, the hotel room we worked out of was bursting with wedding day excitement. As soon as we walked inside, we were welcomed with bright, upbeat music and the sound of champagne bottles being popped in anticipation for the excitement that was to come later on that night.


Madison and her bridal party were going for a more elegant, romantic wedding look that day. And while everyone had very different hair lengths and textures, the glammies were able to achieve this elegance by giving each woman loose curls. The secret to getting this specific look is to create a solid voluminous base to work with. Glammie Jane achieved this by using the Powder Play Volumizing And Texturing Powder on everyone that sat in her chair. What’s cool about the powder is that it  instantly liquefies when it is applied in the hair which then allows it to absorb into the roots of the scalp to provide full and extra volume.


Once the glammies had prepped the hair for curling, they then used both a curling iron and a straightener to create the loose curls. Jane likes using both heating tools because it helps give the hair a unique look that can’t be created with just one or the other. To finish everything off, the glammies sprayed all of the bridesmaids and Madison’s hair with just the right amount of hairspray so that everything would stay in place all day (and night) long despite the unpredictable weather and the mass amount of dancing they would be participating in throughout the evening. 


When it came time for makeup, the women were in agreement that they all wanted a natural and fresh faced look. If you ask any glammie, they will tell you that they love when a client tells them to create a look they think would be gorgeous, we still love creating the “no makeup makeup look” for our brides and their bridal parties. Especially because I love being able to leave a few hints of glamour in the natural look for fun because this makeup look can be just as glamorous as a dark smokey eye!  Overall we had a lot of fun with Madison and her bridal party creating our own sunshine, especially because we all know rain on your wedding day is actually a good sign and signifies an amazing life with your future hubby! 

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