Orange You Glad- Makeup Tutorial


Orange You Glad

Corny? Too much? Eh, we don’t care, we love it!  You guessed it, today’s beauty blog is about ORANGE LIPSTICK. Yes, we said ORANGE.

Now, before you go getting all freaked out about having “Cheetos” lips, take a look at the photo below..


Now what do you say about orange lips? Pretty fantastic, eh? Believe it or not, orange lipstick and gloss is totally in right now. It’s one of the hottest Spring/Summer 2014 trends happening right now! You may be thinking, ‘I could never pull off orange lipstick‘.. Lies, I tell you, LIES!

Stop second guessing and be bold! I promise you will be pleasantly surprised, especially if you play up the rest of your face in all the right ways. Orange can be pulled off with almost any skin tone if you do it correctly. Take a look below at these super easy steps to achieve this look with some amazing ORANGE lips!

Firstly, I ALWAYS start with slight contouring. I love the shape and dimension it ads to my facial structure! This palette is our personal Glam Squad palette and can be purchased through us. You start with a lighter shade below your eyes in a triangle shape, the top of your nose, middle forehead, and chin. Blend in with a brush and add a darker shade below your cheek bones (also blending in).

unnamed (1)

Next, I cover my entire face with foundation. We use Denair, which can be purchased online for a pretty great price. I will always recommend airbrush makeup over traditional foundation any day for any circumstance! The finished look is amazing and nothing else compares! I just went to the beach so I’m shade 35/40 half and half.

unnamed (2)

After applying airbrush, I set my face with a setting powder. This stuff is seriously UH-MAZING. If you don’t already have it in your life.. well, what are you waiting for?!


Next, I add blush.. I use our personal Glam Squad palette and today I used a mixture of the light and dark coral. It goes perfectly with the orange lipstick, tying in the whole look.


After blush, I apply an eyeshadow base (Urban Decay), line my brows (with black shadow and an angled brush) and start with ONE light shade over my entire lid and over my brow bone. Here I used FOXY from my Urban Decay 2 Palette. Then I curl my lashes and apply two coats of mascara. I use Falsies, it’s my favorite and very affordable!


FINALLY! The lips! Beautiful, stunning, empowering ORANGE lips! 🙂

I apply a layer of the Orange lipstick, shade Haute Melon from NYX. I then apply a layer of powder (NYX finishing powder as used before) and then applying another coat of Orange lipstick. I don’t want those beautiful lips smudging or fading!




This look is so simple, fun and refreshing, while still remaining bold, sexy and fun! Think of us when you’re rocking those beautiful orange lips!

XOXO, Glam Squad

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