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Ok ladies, we are going to get down into the nitty gritty things today. But it is a conversation that needs to be had, and one that doesn’t happen nearly as much as it should. I’m going to ask you a question and I want you to be honest when you answer.

Do you think you are beautiful?

If you answered yes, then great you’re already on the right track!

But if you answered no? Why do you think that. I mean really think about why you said no. Is it because you don’t like how your hair looks naturally? Or think your eyes maybe a little two far apart. Were you thinking about the dress you owned five years ago that you can’t fit into any longer? But then ask yourself. Who says that these things aren’t beautiful? Because right now in your mind YOU are the one saying that you’re not beautiful. And with all of the things that are out there in the world to tear you down. Why add yourself to that list?


Don’t worry you “yes” answers! I have some tips for you too! While it’s great that you could answer yet when I asked you the question, do you always say yes? If you have no makeup on and are in an over sized t-shirt do you still feel beautiful? If you suddenly have a stress breakout along your chin do you still think you’re beautiful? Sometimes you waver, and that’s ok, we all do it.

So, how do we ensure that you feel beautiful EVERY single and instead of criticizing yourself making sure you start to compliment yourself instead. Well I have come up with a few ways to help you do just that! I’m going to begin with saying that although hair and makeup is what we do, that gorgeously painted face of yours does nothing to make your inside feel like the hottie you are. (although you can never go wrong when you spread your favorite lipstick and pucker up babe!)

  • The Waking Up Process: I’m sure your mom said it to you, and if you have kids you have probably said this to them too, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And that is true, simply because the mornings are your time to shine. The way you wake up sets the stage for the entire day. So add a few scented oils in your shower, or light your favorite candle while you’re blow drying your hair. These scents will relax you and make sure that your day starts out in a positive way!


  • Smile: I hands down believe that happiness is equated with beauty. The happier you are the more beautiful you will feel. So throw out a few extra smiles throughout the day. I promise you that the smiles you receive will make you feel uber confident and you could even just be making someone’s day entirely too!


  • Carry Something That Adds Some Glam: Remember that lipstick that I mentioned earlier? Well I always, no matter what have my favorite one stashed in my purse, or tossed somewhere in my car. It just helps me feel a little more confident. So that’s my advice to you! Keep something glizty and glamorous with you so you are constantly reminded of the fabulous woman you are!


  • Keep a journal or PhotobookKeep track of all of the great things that go on throughout the day. Did someone compliment your hair? Great! Did you wake up and do a quick workout? Wonderful! Did you end up getting out of bed this morning? That’s even better. Writing down or documenting the good things in life gives you positive thoughts. Beauty and positivity go hand in hand! (your instagram can even be your photobook!)


  • Write a Love Letter to Yourself: Write a stack of them even, and mail one to yourself every month or even week!  Because on those days that  you aren’t feeling so beautiful or happy with your life you will have those to look back on. In those letters write to yourself about the days you felt AMAZING. What were you doing? What were wearing. But most importantly remind yourself that you are beautiful. Because if you don’t believe it, it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks!


Lou Stevens Glam Squad, we are a team of hair and makeup artists, and most of the time when our brides sit down to speak to us. They say “Just make me beautiful” and my responsive is ALWAYS “then I don’t have to do much.” Because we don’t transform you into a Kardashian or Scarlett Johanson. We make you the most beautiful you. And we do that by enhancing your natural beauty.

So let me ask you a question. Do you think you are beautiful.

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